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CSI Protective Services

On-Site Security

Our On-Site Security Division is the traditional method of security that someone would think of when thinking about security. The On-Site Division will provide you a uniformed or professional attire officer to fit the needs of you our client. Unlike our Patrol Division, the client has the option if they would like the officer to be an armed officer or an unarmed officer. 

Our officers in all our types of security are trained to use the equipment they are carrying before they are allowed to utilize them in the field. These tools include but not limited to handguns, tactical baton, pepper spray, tactical handcuffing, and defensive tactics. Each officer must not only take the course but demonstrate that tool to the high standards our company requires before it can be utilized in the field.

Additionally, our officers will be trained by a member of our staff specifically for your contract. These officers will have a strong working knowledge of the tasks they are required to do to meet your expectations before they are released to work the shifts on your property.

We believe in providing you, our client the security you need and the peace of mind you deserve.